I am a perfectly normal and average person. I live a life whereby I have a steady job, steady income, average salary, and a very normal if somewhat mundane lifestyle. Life consists of the daily routine of work, home, chores, eat whatever I can muster in the space of 15 mins, shower, sleep and repeat. Weekends are dedicated to more chores and never-ending familial and social obligations.

So why am I complaining? Life being normal and average can be a good thing, and I recognise that and am grateful for all that I have. But like most human beings, whether warranted or not, in simple terms, I want more.

I want the fairy-tale life, you know, the one where you love your job, get loads of money for doing what you do, travel the world every other month and live life to the max, have the perfect happy and healthy relationship, perfect happy and healthy family and at the same time also get to help out friends and family in the process. And it wouldn’t hurt if I could also have enough personal time a week to get lost in a couple of books or so.

In short, I have decided that I want to be rich. And I want to get rich doing something I love. My mid-30’s has become the point at which I either move forward and take action to achieve my dreams, or I actually stop dreaming and start accepting that normalcy and status quo will be mine for the rest of my years.

So how do things change towards the better? Most self-help authors will have us believe that all external factors in our life arise from internal factors, and therefore if you change yourself, bingo! You can change your life. And whilst there has always been a niggling doubt in the back of my head as to whether a person can really change (anyone been regaled with the ‘a leopard doesn’t change its spots’ saying much?), I think the point has come in time where I need to at least try. I have a shelf full of self-help books with what are purported to contain brilliant nuggets of wisdom that I have never once managed to actually implement for more than a few days, and about a hundred notes I diligently wrote down at self-help seminars which I would tidy away upon returning from the seminar and promptly forget. It’s time to give it all a whirl and see if it honestly really does work.

So here it goes. The commitment is set, and day 1 begins. Let’s see if I can succeed in getting myself from normal to riches.