This blog is meant to be a chronicle of my attempt to achieve the life of my dreams (the good kind, not the ones that feature me naked in front of high school classmates). After having spent the last 10 years flirting with lots of self-help concepts, reading lots of new age self-help books and attending many an overpriced self-help seminar, I have decided that it’s time to put my sceptic and procrastinating nature to a side and actually attempt to implement all that I’ve learnt.

The basic premise is that I will read or reread some of the most well-known self-help books that have been gathering dust on my shelf and attempt to implement the techniques espoused by such books to see if they do actually genuinely work in making me a happier well balanced (and hopefully rich) person. I will then be giving you an honest, no ulterior motive and no bullshit account as to what worked and how it worked.

If you, like me, feel stuck in a rut and are constantly procrastinating and putting off chasing the life of your dreams, join me to see if indeed, with the right frame of mind, we truly can achieve it all.